diana kolpak

some assembly required

flights of fancy

stop me

dead in my tracks

I wish I were

belle of the ball

all shiny and new


into a perfect woman

I wish I might

find my electric prince


dance the light fantastic

glass slippers wired for sound

heart arcing

sparks flying

kisses crackling with energy

take me there

take me anywhere

I've got pumpkins

hidden beneath my skirts

in case of emergency

so let's dance

until midnight tolls

and I turn back

into flesh and blood

leaving my dreams

behind me

Walking along Danforth Avenue one day, I came across a storefront full of wonderful sculptures: everyday objects transformed into robot characters. So I took some pictures and this lovely creature inspired the poem.

Nobot sculptures by Shuttlewerks

poem & photo © Diana Kolpak. All rights reserved.