diana kolpak



The stars have fallen, bringing endless winter to the world and spurring Meera, a lonely clown, to set out on a magical quest to find them. She travels through a land of ice and snow, dangerous forests and dark domains, seeking the three signs that will bring her to the stars. Hope, courage and the friends she makes along the way help Meera bring both starlight and sunshine back to her world.

A childrens' book for all ages.

"Starfall presents a starkly beautiful, original world...Diana Kolpak's lyrical, melodic prose is reassuring, and in spite of its light tone, the story works on two levels: as a whimsical tale about a clown, and as an allegory for the triumph of courage and belief over evil and darkness." Cynthia O'Brien, Quill and Quire.

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photography by Kathleen Finlay

published by Red Deer Press